Monday, February 11, 2013

Demo Day with some AWESOME friends!

Hello stamping friends!  Today I am posting about a demo day I had with some awesome demo friends on 2\2\13.  We had a great day!  Everyone was to bring 2 projects for everyone to make.  So lets get this party started.  The first project that I am going to show you was provided by Heather Stouder.  Heather is a wonderful demo that I met via Jen Martin.  Heather is pregnant with twins, so exciting!  They are both girls!  So I blame her pregnancy brain on this project.  What was that girl thinking???  No, all kidding was a nice project just very time consuming. 

Heathers teapot

Heathers teapot open


Jen & her teapot!
Do you notice that you don't see a picture of my teapot??  Yes, that is because I got super frustrated with mine.  When I assembled my spout I had a little trouble and it just didn't look right.  So I called it quits right there.  This was a project for me to complete another day when I could sit down and focus on making the spout and handle correctly.  So look for a future post about this teapot.  Thank you heather for providing this project even though I gave you such a hard time about it.  It will be super cute once I have it all together. 
Stay tuned all this week for other projects from this event.  Thank you girls, I really had a blast with all of you!!!
Until next time stamping friends!


  1. Amy-

    I had so much fun at this event. I still haven't finished my tea pot yet, because I've been working on the kids Valentine cards. I just need to re-do the lid and put the tea cup together for the insde. That's a very cute photo of Jen! I hope we can get together again soon!

  2. Yes, we can totally blame my pre go brain! :-) it was a great time!